Friday, April 3, 2009

Soulja Boy, Knits, and Purls

I am proud to say Puma Bean has learned the commands 'sit' and 'give me your paw'. I was elated when my patience and hard work came to fruition. I also recognize the how insane I must appear so that is all I will say about cats in this post. If anyone is handy with Photoshop, I'd love to get this pic with the wire removed from in front of his face.

I've been working on some music with middle school students in a songwriting class. My tendencies towards bright clothes and pink hair has earned me the nickname Ms. Skittle. These inner city kids prefer the R&B, hip hop, and rap so there is a lot of learning to do on both ends.
I do struggle to find music that they will enjoy, but that is also edifying. There's only so many remixes of Soulja Boy Crank Dat you can analyze.

Above is a picture of my hat that I knitted over the winter. Thanks to Stacey Wong for teaching me to knit and purl. It's come in handy at boring shows and long car rides. I've gone a little overboard with the knitting and find myself the owner of large bags of yarn that I will probably never use. I have grand plans for a sweater someday, but until that I'll keep at the cathats and scarves.