Thursday, May 7, 2009

Roll Over and Shine

Well Puma Bean is now working on 'roll over'. He's already been to Princeton University so that's no surprise. Granted he hid in the filing cabinet the whole day, but still he's pretty smart.
I'm not like Angela in The Office. We wanted to see if he'd be into catching a mouse that was lurking in our workspace. Really.

This rainy month of May is a very slippery slope into the madness of June. Kerrville Folk Fest is May 23rd, Club Passim is May 24th, and oh, there's this whole wedding in June. Until then I have some time off for cleaning, painting, shopping, working out, and praying. Sort of like the anti-vacation. I'm quite excited for it all, and naturally, being a girl, anxious, emotional, and completely red alert (for those of you who subscribe to the official colour coded Uptightness Alert System which happens to correspond to some terror alert thing the goverment instituted)
I'm pretty sure a sliver of sunshine would heal a lot of these worries, but there is none to be found.

Some uplifting things pictured here:
Hands by Rachel Donner (a piece from my sister's senior show at UMass Dartmouth)
Kitties by my crafty wonder Liz Hargreaves (she has an Etsy store called Martine Paper)
Punkass Hector by his mom