Sunday, September 4, 2011

1UPs, Anyone can spay!, and freeze dance

She's a fierce freeze dancer.

The Stump Challenge after Irene

I got to knock out a few kitties for surgery.

The Weepies at TLA in Philly

We found Amanita on our hike.

We found strange boys too.

I always grasp at those last few weeks of summer like everyone else. Luckily mine were chalk full of good times. Even Irene couldn't really get me down. While many homes around me sustained heavy damage, I escaped with just a few inches of water in my studio. I lost a good deal of bedding, some furniture, and a handful of stock CDs. It looks like there will be some Irene Specials on my Sarah Donner CDs at the upcoming shows!

I spent a week at the City Arts Camp 2011 in Trenton teaching songwriting to groups of kids ranging from 6-14 years old. It was a bit crowd control and a whole lotta freeze dance for the little ones. We did write a few tunes though. I'm always impressed with what kids come up with in class. They just need the opportunity, a beat, and a simple chord progression. 

Some lyrics from our tunes: 

My tooth was loose loose loose
It wiggled so so much
I want to pull it out

The tooth fairy flies flies flies
She soars in the sky sky sky
It's gonna come out soon

You knock me down 
I fly back up
Cuz that's how good my shoes are

I hiked with some good friends up in Jim Thorpe, PA. It was a tough hike. I got my hands dirty, and my bum got wet. I am such a baby when it comes to trying new things. There were spectacular water falls and plentiful mushrooms on the path, so that made it better. If I did it again I would invest in some fly shoes though. 

I had the pleasure of knocking a few kitties out for surgery at the Forgotten Cats Clinic in Willow Grove, PA. When I volunteered after dropping off a few ferals I trapped, I assumed I'd be cleaning cages and feeding kitties. Nope! I got right in there and injected the patients, weighed them, and help prep them for surgery. The vet let me watch her pull out ovaries from one of the lady cats. It was totally amazing, and I am looking forward to the next time I can volunteer! 

Finally, I saw The Weepies on Friday. I rank them in my top 5 bands that I listen to frequently. Their craft is stunning, and I can never quite put my finger on why I love them so much. They really hone in on the ability to blend simple chords, thoughtful lyrics, and damn catchy melody. So many songs make me think "damn I wish I had written that", but then I probably wouldn't enjoy it so much. 

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