Saturday, October 18, 2008

moo, me, and this economy.

It's Fall which I can tell now because my fingers and nose have entered their timely iciness which won't thaw until next May. Here are a few pics of Moo the LED keychain who likes adventures in New England. I went to a Cranberry Festival and learned all sorts of fascinating tidbits like the cranberry is one of only three commercially grown fruits native to North America. The others are the blueberry and the concord grape. If you want to fight about the persimmon, then meet me at the corner in two hours.

The Sleep You've Been Missing will be officially released Dec 20th at Small World Coffee, 8:30pm in Princeton, NJ. I'll release it in Boston, Dec 28th 9pm at The Burren in Somerville.
The NYC release will be in Brooklyn at Postmark Cafe, Jan 16th, time tba.

These times is tough. I'm not quite sure how I'll manage the manufacturing costs of the album yet. There are a few weeks to go before that bill must be settled. Sadly shows have been poorly attended due to our fancy American crisis. I bought me two bottles of my Gato Negro Cabernet Sauvignon which were on sale for $7! At least I'll be self-medicated while CatLady Records stocks plummet. There was rumour of a bailout, but then Ben Bernacki found out about my song Wallstreet.

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