Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Too much Tetris and Turkey...

I played a house concert recently in NYC, and someone took this very charming picture of Mr. Nut the host's light bulb-enamoured cat. "This bulb is mine. I shall look into it and be spayed."

Some other artists to share the stage was the lovely Kiernan McMullan (www.myspace.com/kiernanm) an Irish lad who crashed my house while on tour after her recent signing to One Eleven Records...very talented man who I hope remembers me when he needs an opener for his stadium show.

The Thanksgiving holiday was joyous. I overdosed on Tetris and had to be cut off once my eyeballs started hurting. Other news...and no joke, I had Cat Scratch Fever. My lymph node ballooned up my armpit for all to laugh and guffaw at. After a course of antibiotics, I've stopped using the litter box and scratching at chairlegs.

Oh yes, and if you are far far away and would like a copy of The Sleep You've Been Missing, voila! It is available through CD Baby right this moment (iTunes and Amazon etc. are coming).
SARAH DONNER: The Sleep You've Been Missing

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