Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Year

Here are some cool pics to end 2008. Yoga kitty has found a good home with singer/songwriter Chuck Schaeffer. Thanks Chuck! The other pics are me at my Seedy Release and SANTA who CAME TO MY SEEDY RELEASE. Not too many artists get the big guy himself. Good thing I behaved that night.

I recently learned to knit from my friend, genius, and bass player Stacey Wong. She patiently waited and fixed my knits and purls and knots and messes. Someone will be getting an awesome lumpy orange hat very soon.

New Years Eve was brought in with Tetris, wine, and knitting. I finally beat the ball, and didn't rely on cable to bring in my 2009. In years past I'm usually doing an activity that has to be interrupted to watch ye old shiny ball, but this year we dove on in SANS BALL.

I already did Pilates so I'm on my way to fulfilling everyone else's resolutions. Mine is to deflea the cats once and for all. Very very bold and ambitious I know.

May your 2009 be full of who and what you love.

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