Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Get you to a gym" and Puma is spayed!

Monkey Organ 'arcade' game
dunkin and momo
Puma Bean got the ol' snip snip, and here is a poster from the wonderful establishment Animal Welfare Association. I thought it was a joke... I mean I say that all the time when I'm trying to find homes for my kittens. Apparently I need to start saying "get 2nd best friend" instead of just "2nd pooping furball". Puma recovered nicely with minimal grief and embarassment. Luckily he's black we never really could see his balls to begin with.

This weekend was a little adventure at the Milllenium Music Conference held in Harrisburg, PA.
Aside from the seminars and mentoring sessions, I met some wonderful new and old friends including Alex Voegele, The Thrives, Flatbed Ford, Mycenae Worley, and Joel Dobbins. And most important FINALLY I met a major label scout- and can I tell you what he said? "Maybe you could get yourself to the gym a couple times a week, start eatin' right. You should take a few voice lessons. They aren't that expensive, $20 or so." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I am not the Rihanna he is looking for.

The highlight was Sunday morning, waking up cat-free! What a restful sleep one can have when you aren't being kneaded and nuzzled and prodded and jumped on. We went to The Sledworks, half antiques flea market, half retro antique arcade! Here you can revisit the past and play the Monkey Organ (pictured above) for only 5cents! You can see a real nickelodeon peep show!! Very racy. I also shot numerous mechanical squirrels with my hunting skillz.

Finally, I'm in the process of booking the coast to coast Aquarium Honeymoon Tour of Wonder. If you know a good aquarium or want a concert in your town, let me know!

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