Monday, September 1, 2008

Babies! Turtle that is.

These little guys were found coming out of their nest during the SAVE Shelter Benefit. There must have been 50+ of them hatching and rutting out of their dirt mound. Rather quickly they squirmed their way to the pond 20 feet away. We tried turning them around, but they knew the way to pond! They would sniff the air and hurry on in! This snapping turtle is Sheldon, named by Dan Cooley of Dan and Rich Radio.

The Sleep You've Been Missing is on its way to post production! Stacey Wong (bassist of The Wheelies) is my genius seamstress of music and babydoll tops. It'll be in her hands by the end of the week. Thanks to the efforts of Mike Munoz (tap dancer), Brad Sicotte (drums, bass), Sunny Knable (percussion), and Becca Olsson (piano). Many more people chipped in their talent this time around, and I've got to say it's so much more fun to listen to!

This weekend was a blast at the Moondancer Winery Folk Fest- my first winery experience. I must recommend the Cabernet Franc. I opened for some top notch artists including: Pat Wictor, Chris Kasper, and Andrew Lipke. It was hosted by my lovely talented friends Folk by Association. Sunday it was off to the Kipona Festival in Harrisburg, PA for an afternoon by the Sussquehanna River. And now it's time to retire these Old Navy flips flops and admit the end of summer. It's such a defeat every year. I should head south and give up.

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