Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not for your average lunch lady...

Who even knew they made beard covers? I knew some lunch ladies that should have had those on back in high school.

Last night was by far my best NYC show, and it's thanks to you fine people who came. Yes, The Wheelies did a most awesome job as well, and we adore the Sidewalk Cafe for hosting the indie scene for just a 2 drink minimum.

I am mostly recovered from the Too Hot for Pilates Tour 2008, but there are a few shows to go yet. Originally the plan was to tour this month with my good South African folk friend Vana ( but times are politically tough, and he was denied a visa. So I am left all alone to finish up my August shows and miss his sweet voice and poetry. Still to come are Read Street Books (8/22, Balitmore), SAVE Benefit (8/23, Princeton), Small World (Princeton, 8/23), Studio Luloo (8/26, Haddonfield), Moon Dancer Winery Fest (8/30, Wrightsville PA), and Kipona Fest (8/31, Harrisburg PA). I'll get through the month and ease back into production for The Sleep You've Been Missing (CatLady Records). It will be out for your Christmas pleasure and purchase.

Things I learned from tour:
-don't park your car near State Street in Madison
-stale Twizzlers make great weapons
-avoid Science Museums during peak children hours
-hamburgers are the healthiest food from McDonalds
-Answer Me This podcast always entertains
-sugarmommas and daddies are a blessing
-next time book a concert in Ohio because that is a big ass state
-you can really ruffle some feathers by asking for milk instead of cream in your coffee

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