Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 2 I Heart Kentucky

In spite of my New England preferences and prejudices, I have to shout out my new love for Kentucky. The crowd was by far the best dive bar crowd I ever had the pleasure to sing to. Unlike the typical NJ bar of occasional ears that listen and watch (if you're lucky), my Kentucky audience was full of beer and love for music all at once. I also had the pleasure to open for Christabel and the Jons. ( They were a refreshing southern swing band full of talent and hip vintage stage clothes.

On the way to Chicago, we made a pitstop at the Creation Museum, which was a lot like trying to get into Disney World. The prices were too high to justify going in, but we stuck it to the man (or the Republicans) and went to the free petting zoo and botanical gardens. Among the unnamed attractions were holy spirit doves, the wisemen camels, and Joseph and Mary's donkey.

Also the most spiritual bottled water ever. Thank you Kentucky! Tomorrow: Chicago.

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Brad said...

Rock on bright hair indie pilates chick! Bring some good old eastern love to those red states!