Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Madison hates me, but the Onion does not. Day 5

Maybe if we had eyeballs on our knees, we would have seen the sign that led to my poor little car's pillage and kidnapping through the tumultuous streets of Madison, WI today. Now I am $90 poorer and feel slightly duped. Damn you Madison!!!!

In good news, The Onion wrote some kind things about in support of my show at Indie Coffee tonight. They say "Singer/songwriter Sarah Donner titled her 2007 debut album Reluctant Cat Lady, a (slightly misleading) signal that she's liable to chirp out some quirky snippet of autobiography at any turn. Indeed, the tunes often skip along her peppy strumming and an eager, near-breathless vocal style, keeping up with lots of self-deprecation and goofy details. Luckily, she doesn't push it all too hard, so even those who don't immediately laugh at the bittersweet tale of 'Dodgeball' might want to sit a spell and share some Fancy Feast serving suggestions with her. "

The show at Indie Coffee was a pleasure thanks to some friendly faces all the way from NJ and artists John Statz and Peter Henry who played as well.


Kristin Vieira said...

Wow, that's so exciting that the Onion wrote a review! Yay!

Anonymous said...

oh dear oh dear....