Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sheep Cat Bird

Here are some paintings I worked on over the summer. It's Wilbur McCracken (bird), Dunkin(black/white cat), and Arlo (grey tabby cat). The last is what I call Pixel Pasture... I may use it as the cover for the upcoming album The Sleep You've Been Missing. It'll be inspiration one way or the other. I take commissions so if you'd like me to paint your iguana or Aunt Ida, just let me know! I got to put in those kitty bowls.

I lost two pairs of Saucony Jazz sneakers on eBay today. What a bummer. BUT I have discovered a fantastic podcast called Pandora Presents: Musicology Podcast. You can subscribe via iTunes as well. Go ahead and quiz me on the differences between Trance and House Electronica. Shazam!

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Tracy said...

These are great paintings. Love them!