Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Honeymoon Aquarium National Tour!


It's been some time since previous posts, but it was well deserved I think. With my wonderful wedding over, now a national tour is kicking off. Stops include Boston, Knoxville, Lexington KY, Chicago, Madison WI, San Diego, and St. Louis. It's fish by day, rock by night. If anybody knows aquariums that do rock shows, please share. I'd love to open for fish. wow. If you are in any of those areas, please come out and support my gas tank! for exact dates and locations.

We got Wii fit for a wedding gift, and I broke that puppy out today. My Wii age is 24, but I know come back from my slovenly tour ways there will be work to do. Roy Rogers can really break a girl, ya know? There are still many cahoots about which routes to take, air mattress or motel, and how many bags of Twizzlers does one need. Saturday it's off to Pittsburgh for leg one of the journey. Be back soon with good stories and pictures!

The photos above are by Justin Mifkovich. You can check out more of his stuff at The man rocks it with his camera and all the gadgets that go with it.

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