Monday, June 29, 2009

PT 3 Acrocats of Chicago!

So I think one of my first posts on this blog had this same chicken. Similar pose.

Anyways, it is well worth your $12 to see the Acrocats. Who doesn't want to see a gopher with a cowboy hat on driving a truck or raising a flag? How can you resist three cats in a band? THUMBS? Who needs thumbs? I finally know how the best hoop for cats to jump through too. I was on the lookout for Puma Bean's next trick. The embroidery hoop is the way to go apparently. I'm not sure how well it would take to flame though...

I love me some Chicago though. It's a fine city, probably because I'm only here when it's above 70 degrees. We had some fine beer at The Map Room. I recommend the St. Bernardhaus, a dark sweet belgian. Rain sort of sped up our little picnic in Grant Park, but it was lovely to be outside and enjoying some fine cheese and gluten free crackers.

Oh and the show at Reggie's Music Joint was lovely. The bill was a little odd having me be the 'easy listening' act to open up for rock/metal bands Curbside Beauty and Munger. You still can't beat the supportive crowds though or $5 all you can eat sloppy joe's.

To Madison, WI we go...

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