Monday, June 22, 2009

Honeymoon Tour Pt. 1 'Pittsburgh & One Armed Monkeys'

So despite what you may think about Pittsburgh, I say you can get a lot of bang for your $12 if you head to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, especially if it's on the day when the Renaissance Faire comes to market their festival. Have you ever seen ancient sword combat and deep sea bass side by side?

The posted signs offer a fun education when all the wild cats are napping and offering no entertainment for the passersby. The highlight of the day had to be One Arm the one armed monkey. The need to hire some more creative staff when it comes to the naming of these guys.
We also saw homosexual giraffes, which the zoo keeper said was no surprise since they were from LA.

If you love religion and beer you'll want to check out the Church Brew Works. It's a tasty refreshing treat after you've sweated dodging the swarms
of children. It was a little bizarre seeing a house of God with fermenters and griste mills at the altar, but all is forgiven when you try the sauted pierogies.

And today it's off to Chattanooga for the next leg of Sarah & Michael's Aquatic Rockstar Tour. Thanks dad for that charming acronym.

PS. Just saw a billboard that said 'Become an organ donor. Give Jesus Your Heart.'

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