Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back again. Jiggity Jig.

Bean takes a peek inside the new cajon

Stag beetles don't belong in my yard. 

The Indie Music Night mascot. 

Because I'm lame and can't stop taking pics.

The tour is over. I miss those zings of dopamine when I get to a venue, when I meet a new fan, when the van starts making funny noises. Anyhow I've been trying to get back to some half finished projects mostly which involve paint. It's hard to stop me once I get a brush in my hands. There are a few songs to finish writing so I can get started on the next album! 

I've mostly got my identity back. After the St. Paul Zoo theft, I am finally on my way to being Sarah Donner once again. Josh is my new friend at my bank. He sat down with me for an hour and a half wiping my tears and wiping my overdraft fees away. Those shifty bitches were very efficient at ruining my credit and my good name.

There are some good shows coming up, namely opening for Lisa Loeb next Friday at ArtsQuest Cafe in Bethlehem PA. I hear she is a cat lady so we should get on pretty well. Her first two albums really made a dent on my formative singer/songwriter self back in the day. I forced myself to learn bar chords just so I could cover her tunes. That could have been the start to me not "playing guitar like a girl". I will expound on that another day though.

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max said...

If you can find out who they are, I can dispose of their bodies. Just sayin'.