Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not for your average lunch lady...

Who even knew they made beard covers? I knew some lunch ladies that should have had those on back in high school.

Last night was by far my best NYC show, and it's thanks to you fine people who came. Yes, The Wheelies did a most awesome job as well, and we adore the Sidewalk Cafe for hosting the indie scene for just a 2 drink minimum.

I am mostly recovered from the Too Hot for Pilates Tour 2008, but there are a few shows to go yet. Originally the plan was to tour this month with my good South African folk friend Vana ( but times are politically tough, and he was denied a visa. So I am left all alone to finish up my August shows and miss his sweet voice and poetry. Still to come are Read Street Books (8/22, Balitmore), SAVE Benefit (8/23, Princeton), Small World (Princeton, 8/23), Studio Luloo (8/26, Haddonfield), Moon Dancer Winery Fest (8/30, Wrightsville PA), and Kipona Fest (8/31, Harrisburg PA). I'll get through the month and ease back into production for The Sleep You've Been Missing (CatLady Records). It will be out for your Christmas pleasure and purchase.

Things I learned from tour:
-don't park your car near State Street in Madison
-stale Twizzlers make great weapons
-avoid Science Museums during peak children hours
-hamburgers are the healthiest food from McDonalds
-Answer Me This podcast always entertains
-sugarmommas and daddies are a blessing
-next time book a concert in Ohio because that is a big ass state
-you can really ruffle some feathers by asking for milk instead of cream in your coffee

Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Flies on me. Just birds.

The last day of the Too Hot for Pilates Tour!! sigh. It's been good times on the turnpikes and rest stops, but it must come to an end. I've really enjoyed meeting new artists, playing for new people, and seeing so many dinosaurs. Thank you to all those sugarmommas and sugardaddies who helped us out with beds and food along the way!!

Here is Wilbur McCracken perched upon my head; he preened my pink mop quite well and did not poop. I want a bird now, but I think that might be a poor choice considering my feline situation. Also here is the new bluegrass jam band Mike & McCracken practicing their hit GCDGCDG. Someday I'll get McCracken to record a banjo solo for me!

It's back to New Jersey for me, but I'll be back next year for the Honeymoon Aquarium Tour of the World. Until then catch me:

Tues 8/19, 8pm
Sidewalk Cafe, NYC

Sat 8/23, 3pm
SAVE Benefit at Pettronello Gardens in Princeton, NJ

Sat 8/23, 8pm
Small World Cafe, Princeton, NJ

I'm going to keep the blog going so I hope you'll pop in from time to time and be thoroughly entertained by my earthy sense of humour and pictures of dinosaurs eating my head.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 6 nummy in T Rex's tummy

Today was Minnesota Science Museum day!! In my science museum fantasies, there are no children...and a wine bar by the fossils. It was also a day of good times with some friends, and a great show with an intimate crowd at the Ginkgo Coffeehouse. I met a lovely musician Ashleigh Fumich who forgot her CDs to sell which makes me sad because now I need to wait to hear her again!

Here are some pictures of a crazy beautiful Midwest sky. The drive was filled with speeding in and out of rainstorms. In front of the car would be a white wall of rain. We'd drive in and drive out a few minutes later. I've also come to the conclusion that I shouldn't live in a city where 'snow plow route' signs are permanently posted on all the lampposts.

I should take this moment to admit that I did Pilates for Indie Rockers yesterday. Indeed it was not too hot, and my poor back is sore sore sore. I am coming back to NJ and making an appointment with a Hottie McMasseuse and eating green unfried things. Tomorrow is the longest haul of all. 14 Hours to Pittsburgh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Madison hates me, but the Onion does not. Day 5

Maybe if we had eyeballs on our knees, we would have seen the sign that led to my poor little car's pillage and kidnapping through the tumultuous streets of Madison, WI today. Now I am $90 poorer and feel slightly duped. Damn you Madison!!!!

In good news, The Onion wrote some kind things about in support of my show at Indie Coffee tonight. They say "Singer/songwriter Sarah Donner titled her 2007 debut album Reluctant Cat Lady, a (slightly misleading) signal that she's liable to chirp out some quirky snippet of autobiography at any turn. Indeed, the tunes often skip along her peppy strumming and an eager, near-breathless vocal style, keeping up with lots of self-deprecation and goofy details. Luckily, she doesn't push it all too hard, so even those who don't immediately laugh at the bittersweet tale of 'Dodgeball' might want to sit a spell and share some Fancy Feast serving suggestions with her. "

The show at Indie Coffee was a pleasure thanks to some friendly faces all the way from NJ and artists John Statz and Peter Henry who played as well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

So many kinds of monkeys... Day 4

Best quote of the day at the Chicago zoo:

Senile Gramma: 'Hunnie, what's that monkey got in his hand?'
Caretaker Momma: 'It's a stick. Time to go!'

Tomorrow it's off to Madison, WI for show #3 at Indie Coffee. More cheese, less monkey.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day Three in Chi-Town

Here are some duckies from an ancient Chinese empire. Even they were quirky from time to time. This is Sarah Donner at The Orphanage, a very snazzy art space in Chicago. It is more arty than I could ever be, mostly because I am a lazy, lazy artist. Highlights of today include:

1. mimosas to start the day
2. interpretive dancer who pirouetted to 'Sons of Women' and 'Spreadsheet'
3. seeing American Gothic by Grant Wood
4. watching the Americans beat the French by a bajillionth of a second in the Olympic relay, Yay boys in bathing caps

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 2 I Heart Kentucky

In spite of my New England preferences and prejudices, I have to shout out my new love for Kentucky. The crowd was by far the best dive bar crowd I ever had the pleasure to sing to. Unlike the typical NJ bar of occasional ears that listen and watch (if you're lucky), my Kentucky audience was full of beer and love for music all at once. I also had the pleasure to open for Christabel and the Jons. ( They were a refreshing southern swing band full of talent and hip vintage stage clothes.

On the way to Chicago, we made a pitstop at the Creation Museum, which was a lot like trying to get into Disney World. The prices were too high to justify going in, but we stuck it to the man (or the Republicans) and went to the free petting zoo and botanical gardens. Among the unnamed attractions were holy spirit doves, the wisemen camels, and Joseph and Mary's donkey.

Also the most spiritual bottled water ever. Thank you Kentucky! Tomorrow: Chicago.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Too Hot for Pilates Tour DAY 1

It's finally here! This is Dashboard Diva and her roadies on their way to Lexington, KY for a rocking show at Al's Bar. It's been a pleasant drive from NJ despite the length. I passed gun shops, pawn shops, and signs for highway rescue service Interstate Jesus. I also encountered a pleasant McDonald's employee in West Virginia who retorted she "never saw hair so bright". That's right- I bring sunshine to the masses.