Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flipflops & Rest Stops 20011 Tour: Kansas City

Once again, proof that I actually do play. Tour is very serious.

I'm pretty sure he is texting.

Apparently, it's a real problem.

Well, Hays Kansas, you proved me wrong. I didn't have to play to cows or tractors, and I'm ashamed of the stereotype I had previously assumed. The Coffee Rules show was indeed small, but extremely supportive. I'm pretty sure 1 Kansas fan = 50 New Jersey fans, so I must be doing something right. :) The Ramada also had a sweet waterslide which adds to my new found respect.

Let me tell you, there are kind people in this country. In Kansas City a fine guy named Tom Ryan left his comfy loft for the evening and handed us the keys. I knew him only through a mutual songwriter friend Kiernan McMullan, but he trusted us completely. He even lent us detergent for our wild night of washing laundry! The more people I meet in this country, the less I have to sleep in Walmart parking lots. While I do enjoy spitting toothpaste out on the side of the road, being greeted whenever I need the toilet, and the challenge of putting on pants on the air mattress, I am forever grateful to the folks who open their homes, fridges, and washing machines to me.

Tomorrow night is a show at Foam Coffee & Beer. St. Louis, you better not break my heart.

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