Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flipflops & Rest Stops 2011 Tour: Atlanta

Bailey was our short legged host in Durham, NC.

fountain near the aquarium in Atlanta

Sounds itchy

$hClean, beer, and art nouveau come together in Atlanta

I think I'll just stop calling this the Flipflops tour and start calling it the Where The Hell Is The Sunshine tour. It seems like we've had a solid three or four sunny days since we left New Jersey. It's total nonsense. If you've seen any of my shows this month, chances are it came with a cloudy day. I'm like Eeyore with better hair and antidepressants.

The Atlanta stay was short and sweet. Eddie's Attic is a kick ass venue that prides itself in featuring the acoustic artist. They have cultivated a sizable audience that listens intently and respects every single musician that gets up on stage. Eddie actually hosts it, and I have to say it is refreshing to attend an open mic that isn't run by a douchebag. He commands you to hush and then gets out of the way of the music. It's clear he isn't running this event as an ego booster. He leaves that to the singer/songwriter. It's also a competition, and I was a finalist along with Emily Kate Boyd of the band Joyscout (awesome band name!) and Samuel Sanders. Check those kids out!

Last night I played the Broad Street Cafe in Durham. I have words for the waiter who bussed our table before we were finished. There was some quality brick oven pizza that I was counting on for today's minivan leftovers. The taste of soggy cold cuts is totally tragic when you had an eggplant margharita pie in your future.

Otherwise all is well, and tomorrow is a lunch time radio show at WDVX in Knoxville. You can tune in at at noon EST. After that it's Cincinnati's Refuge Coffee on Friday night, 8pm.

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