Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flipflops & Rest Stops CHICAGO

Chicago has been a favourite tour stop of mine since I started looping around this country. I'm disarmed by easy going, friendly disposition of the bank tellers, baristas, and yes, even musicians. I played the upstairs of The Elbo Room, while a Battle of the Bands happened beneath me. Each time the kids came up for a breath of non-sweaty air I grabbed their attention with my Ke$ha cover, and then sneakily transitioned into an original Sarah Donner tune. I am very grateful for my fans who came out to my show and grateful for the Elbo Room which serves Delirium Tremens on tap.

detail of a pillow that caught my eye

Zookeeper using operant conditioning to check the seals dental hygiene at Chicago zoo

mouse holocaust aka. vulture snacktime

almond milk is not a trustworthy half and half substitute

Today is a travel day to St. Paul which involves a lot of podcasts, mindless snacking, and 400 miles on I-94. I'm working on a music video that will be released next week. It's a bit like Sleepy Kitten , but with a graceful flesh-eater! Tomorrow is a house concert in Shoreview, MN at 7pm. If you're interested in attending, please holler this way for the details since space is limited. Monday, I play at Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis at 10pm. And now, I return to knitting in the round.

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