Monday, June 20, 2011

Flipflops & Rest Stops 20011 Tour: Colorado

$hClean walks on water

"On your mountain you have branded an initial monogram"

The best tiger exhibit I've seen at Denver Zoo

The Great Divide Brewery tour reminds me of Mr. Rogers' Picture Picture segment

The first show I ever played in Denver was a dive bar called Binkers. It was run by a Blanche-esque blue hair named, yes, Binkers. They were quite surprised to see a lady take the stage, nevermind a lady who could play her instrument. Binkers got shut down due to an expired liquor license years ago, so I've been on the hunt for better venues since then. I was so pleased to have the opportunity to play a house show at the home of Harry & Allison Olsson. Harry ripped it up on the mandolin on a few of my tunes. I'll post some videos next time I have decent internet streaming.

I also played the Walnut Room Pizzeria with Gilbert Boisson. It was a challenging venue due to the placement of the musicians, which was basically on the ceiling. We were situated on a makeshift balcony looking down upon the entire restaurant. I have issues with my nostrils, so this wasn't the most comfortable performance space. Nonetheless, you never know who is listening so I gave 100% and enjoyed new fans, some merch sales, and an kick-ass thin crust pizza.

The Denver Zoo was a far cry better than the St. Paul Como Zoo, mainly because our van window was intact upon our return. They also had a sweet tiger exhibit with a momma and her four cubs. Adult Amur tigers are solitary animals, so it was very special to see an active family.
The nearly full grown cubs rolled around, chewed on each other, and pounced on their sleepy mother.

Yesterday we did the Heritage Square Alpine Slide and then a leisurely hike up a small mountain/large hill. It was nice to do something active in spite of our oxygen starved lungs. At the end of the day my Uncle Bobby who lives in Arvada grilled elk. My first taste reminded me of steak and mulch. It wasn't bad though!

Today I play at Coffee Rules in Hays, KS at 8pm. I'm curious about this one, let me tell you! Small town gigs often surprise me in a good way. They don't get a lot of touring acts so the audiences are usually very appreciative and kind.

6/20 Hays KS, Coffee Rules, 8pm
6/21 Kansas City, Record Bar, 7:30pm
6/23 St. Louis, Foam Coffee & Beer, 8pm
6/25 Chattanooga TN, Farmer's Market, 12:30pm

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