Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flipflops & Restoration in Humanity 2011: St. Paul/Omaha

Nice plummage

the incredible p.bear on land! (see Douchecat for another pic)

56 years old!

douchebaggery in St. Paul

My heart was broken and restored over the past two days. At the end of the day at St. Paul's Como Zoo, it began to thunder and pour buckets of cold rain. I purchased two ponchos from the gift shop, and we ran to our minivan. There we found a completely smashed in window, and my purse, wallet, and ID stolen. Glass was shattered into the van, into our bags of pretzels and chex mix, into the seats, and into my heart. All the cash I had saved for gas from our previous concerts was gone. I sobbed like a baby for a good 10 minutes, cold, wet, angry, feeling stupid, and beside myself.

I was quick to call credit agencies and banks, only to find the bastards had already racked up hundreds of dollars of charges at local gas stations. My checkbook was taken as well, so I had to completely cut off all accounts. I was a thousand miles from my nearest bank branch. I have no ID either which is the real kicker! That night we went to a wine bar and moderately drowned our sorrows with a nice sandwich and glass of syrah.

The next morning we set out early to find an auto glass replacement store. In my desperation, I put the call out to facebook first asking people order merchandise or just outright donate to the tour fund. We lost over $500 which is more than you realize when you're on the road touring at the mercy of gas prices and food for a month. I am a very DIY lady. I hate asking for help. I want to do it on my own and take pride in that fact. I don't do Kickstarter or Rockethub. Every time you give me money I want to give you an album or t-shirt. I don't like to feel like I owe anyone, especially financially.

Today my faith is restored, and our funds are recouped. I am overwhelmed by the response of our friends, family, and fans who gave us encouragement, hugs, money, free food, drinks, and a solid dose of faith. I promise to pay it forward, rock hard, and give my all where ever I go. We are off to Denver today with a house concert on Friday. Saturday is a show at Walnut Room Pizzeria.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I will remember this the next time I'm challenged by douchebaggery.

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